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Berceni, Ilfov
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case berceni VERTICAL IMOB Case în București-
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VERTICAL IMOB Case si Terenuri de
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Casa ta,
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Proiect rezidential
Mega Parc Berceni
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our mission.

To be the most trusted name in real estate globally

We continuously strive to provide the best living experience. Today, better than yesterday. Tomorrow, better than today. By developing landmark buildings and expansive residences in record time, ensuring the most fulfilling lives to their occupants.

Residential Developments

The Group successfully ventured into Real Estate by creating a series of residential spaces at strategic locations in Kolkata, Siliguri and Durgapur under the aegis of Dream Homes.

Commercial Developments

Our mission is to engage in issues that are of concern to individuals, families and communities through an uncompromising commitment to create outstanding living, work and leisure environments.


ReHomes started it’s journey almost 3 decades back. The Group has firmly established itself as a trustworthy and dependable organization in Real Estate Industry that delivers quality.

National Real Estate Excellence Awards

Best Luxury Real Estate Company

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Building dreams
since 1983

what we build.

Featured projects

why choose us.

Making living spaces

High quality products

The luxurious and exquisite design harmonious with the surrounding architecture provide the best living conditions for every family.

Comprehensive amenities

The landscape infrastructures of streets are arranged in harmony with the common amenities for residents.

Professional services

The customer service center is ready to serve 24/7, support the residents to provide information about the urban area.

Absolute security

Advanced security system with modern equipments, professional 24/7 security staff.

Green and clean Environment

Each urban area of Rehomes is built on the basis of "A place that living is in harmony with nature"

Humanitarian community

Family members, as well as building the sense of affection for the neighbors.


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 +40767 51 51 61

Str. Scolii nr.2, Berceni, Ilfov


Despre noi

Ofertele noastre acoperă întreaga zona imobiliară, de la parcele pentru construirea de locuințe, până la case, vile la cheie în zona de sud Berceni – Bucuresti – Ilfov.


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